SCAHPERD Advocacy Platform

SCAHPERD is committed to advocating for quality health, physical, and dance education, to promote physical activity and wellness for students and citizens of South Carolina.

The following items are the focus of the SCAHPERD Advocacy Committee for 2023-2024:

1.  Raise awareness and emphasize the importance of HPED for a well-rounded K-12 education.

2.  Educate the SC legislature and other stakeholders on issues related to providing quality Health, Physical, and Dance education.  

3.  Collaborate and coordinate with stakeholders to develop a shared vision for quality health, physical, and dance education.

4.  Promote the importance of access to community opportunities for health and physical activity for all ages.

PO Box 445•White Rock, SC 29177803-575-2822


•Monday - Wednesday•8am-2pm

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