Why Join SCAHPERD’s Association of Your Choice?

 Membership in SCAHPERD is critical to support professionals working in the fields of health education, physical education, and dance. You membership supports the work of the South Carolina Association for the Advancement of Health Education, the South Carolina Association for Physical Education and Sport, and the South Carolina Dance Association. The professionals in these associations work hard every day to advance the causes of their respective fields. What can you do to support you colleagues in SCAHPERD?

One, keep your membership current. The more professionals who belong to SCAHPERD and the association of their choice, the more influence the leaders of SCAHPERD have when addressing decision makers at the local and state levels. Make no mistake, important decisions will be made every year about health, education, recreation and dance. The more active members in SCAHPERD and the associations, the more positive the decisions will be on your profession.

Two, if you have not joined SCAHPERD and the association of your choice, do so now. Click here to complete a membership application.

Three, encourage young professionals you work with to join SCAHPERD’s association of their choice. Research shows that young professionals need leadership from a mentor to join a professional organization. Can you be that mentor to a young professional?

The growth of SCAHPERD’s association and the fields they represent will be benefited by your membership and involvement. If you have never joined SCAHPERD’s association of your choice, please do so today. If your are a past member, please come back today. We need all professionals working in the fields of health education, physical education and dance to further the goals of SCAHPERD’s associations.

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